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        1. Plastic

          In plastics, AIHAI's high quality and carefully-selected talc products are widely used to improve the mechanical properties of thermoplastics, mainly polypropylene but also polyethylene and polyamide (nylon). Main applications are automotive parts (car bumpers, dashboards, etc.), household appliances and packaging. In order to give good reinforcement and ensure the right balance between stiffness and impact strength, AIHAI is using advanced milling technology to preserve high lamellar yet very fine talc particles to meet industries requirements.

          High purity, highly lamellar micronized talc enhances the performance of plastic compounds. The particle size distribution of the talc and to how it disperses in the matrix directly links to the impact strength of talc reinforced plastics. In PP pipes, AIHAI talc increases rigidity, creep resistance and impact resistance. This makes PP/talc the environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. In motor vehicles, AIHAI talc in polymer compounds stabilizes bumpers and makes dashboards more scratch-resistant.